Common problem that arise during moving

House moving

There is a number of common problem that always arise during your moving time. Here is a guide for countering those common problem and preventing it to happen.

Movers that you engage did not turn up - Remember to engage professional and reputable moving company and not those unknown movers that quote you unbelievable low price as they tend to not turn up if they clinch another project that cost a little more than yours.

Last minute additional or hidden cost - This is a very common problem for most of the house owner that engage unknown moving company. They always quote you a super low price in the beginning and will come out with all different ways to charge you more on the moving day itself. If you really decided to engage a unknown movers, remember to check this few things out to avoid these problem.

-Is wrapping of furniture inclusive in the price?

-Is there any additional charge for dismantling and assembling of bed frame?

-Any charges if my stuff cannot fit in the lift and need to carry by stairs?

-Any additional charges if some of my stuff is fragile items? (piano, marble table, fish tank etc)

-Any additional charges if my condo do not allow truck to come in and movers need to push a longer distance to your unit?

Check out all this additional charges to prevent getting surprise on your moving day.

And also do remember to check if they are able to handle those bulky furniture as you do not want to risk breaking your stuff and end up paying more than engaging a reliable movers.

Right here at cheap movers Singapore, we strongly believe in providing you a transparent and affordable price. We will ask you all this question first before quoting you. We are one of the reputable moving company in Singapore with a large number of returning customer. Say hello to your new home or office with RHS-MOVRES SINGAPORE and you will not regret it.

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