Difference Between Freelance And Professional Movers

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Ever heard from a friend engaging a movers with hell lot of troubles and having a nightmare? This is because freelance movers provide a much lower price comparing to a company. Those places where you can find easily at free classified ads such as carousell etc. They will write a dramatic story like how professional they're and convince you to engage their moving service till you engage them and the nightmare begin.

What is the difference between freelance movers and professional movers?

If some unknown movers ever quote you a GOOD PRICE that is too good to be true, it's usually is.

Freelance movers does not have a proper company to uphold their reputation. On the other hand, professional movers have a proper company name to act as a insurance.

Freelance movers do not have a proper paper work for both sides and could lead to many unpleasant scenario. They will rush the move to be done and they will not handle your item with care nor extra precautions. Your personal belongings will either get damages or even lost. Beside that, they will not be punctual as what they've promise and even worst by not turning up and remain unreachable. As a result, it will cause you many inconvenience cause and you will be stuck in the middle especially when you need to move on the specific day.

Unlike professional movers, they will plan their schedule by not rushing and tailor in accordance with every individuals specific move. They're all well trained and plentiful experience.

Another reason why we do not recommend freelance movers is because they will prompt up with unexpected hidden cost. As such you will be shock with the surprises. Like wise, professional movers is transparent in their cost. They will inform you all the additional cost beforehand so you will be mentally prepare. Last but not least, choose your movers wisely.

Right here at RHS-MOVERS SINGAPORE, we not only provide you with the best moving experience, but with an affordable price.

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