As scary as it sound? Not really if you engage the right movers company for you house move.

Earlier today, we receive a call from a client asking if we able to help them move their house today and we reply '' oh.. so last minute? Alright, i will try my best to help you move out today."

Without even asking us how much is the quote, he said ''Thanks alot bro, i appreciated your help if you can really help me out today. I was play out by another moving company that was supposed to move my stuff out today. I tried calling him so many time and nobody answered''

In my heart, i was thinking why would any movers company with the right mind do this? I replied " Send me your address and i will rush down once i am done with my current client house moving"

After about 3 hours, i reach his place. I was shocked to see so many people there and i was thinking, Am i being prank? To my surprise, it was the agent and the landlord there waiting for them to get out of the house. I asked my client politely "what exactly happening?"

He told me that he was supposed to move out by today morning but the movers they engage did not turn up. They engage the so call "professional movers" through carousel but it was a nightmare for them today. (Not gonna point out the movers company name here).

I understand their situation, and with the angry landlord and agent staring at us, We carefully move all their stuff out with my team of professional Movers.


There was no lift at the premises and the stairways is dark, We carefully wrap up all their stuff and slowly carry it down the stairs and load it into my truck.

We finished the move in about 3 hours and i charges them my usual price at $200 for a full truck load(10ft lorry) . They even tip me additional $100 for our help and said that " Wow, I am so lucky to found your team today, if not i don't know what am i supposed to do."

They keep thanking me and i said "Next time if you need a movers, just call me. Don't be deceive by freelancer that advertise them self like a professional on free classified ads. Read their review first before confirming with them"

And after that, i left with them feeling relive.

We at RHS-MOVERS have tons of positive review. Engage us without disappointment.

Don't make your house moving a nightmare by engaging unprofessional movers

(especially during Halloween month) #Justsaying

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