Thing To Look Out For When Engaging A Movers In Singapore

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Moving in singapore
Moving in singapore

Finally gotten your keys for your new home. Next you will be thinking if you need to get a professional movers or move over your stuff by yourself. Moving house in Singapore usually associate you with stress and fatigue. Finding a good and reliable movers can be overwhelming especially there's tons of movers around in Singapore.

Moving house will not be stressful if you plan ahead of time and pack smart as well as finding the right movers for your needs.

Before you start googling for movers, decide which furniture or stuff you do not want to bring over to your new home. Estimate the number of boxes you will need to pack all your stuff in and organize a list of item you need to bring over before engaging a movers.

Most of the moving companies in Singapore charges based on per truck basis so you will need to be as accurate as possible to prevent additional charges incur on the moving day. Also do check if they charge additional if you have delicate item to move like piano, safe, fish tank etc.

Contact a few moving company for quote before confirming your choice. Check if they provide cartons boxes for you to pack too. Get a written quote to prevent any surprise on the day of your moving.

Read difference-between-freelance-and-professional-movers before deciding which movers you choose as you do not want your moving day to be a nightmare.

Now that you have decide which moving companies you will engage, all you have to do is organize your packing and label it before the moving day.

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